Photo Bomb started off with a boom!

Hi everyone! This past Saturday was not only our official premiere, but we did two events on our first day!

First, we did Aimee and Tony's baby shower. With only two days notice, we were able to create a custom template that matched with the theme of the event (Monkey Rockstar), and also incorporated everything the soon-to-be parents asked for, including a green screen which we used to create a jungle background (Aimee's choice, of course!).

After the baby shower, we packed up and headed over to a party in the Evergreen area of San Jose. For this party, we were asked to create a "Girls just want to have fun" template, with the green screen to switch between a chevron background and a starry night background. However, since there were going to be kids at this party, we also created a "Kids just want to have fun" template. Needless to say, everyone had a blast (pun intended)!

Check out some some of our favorite photos from the night below, and also a video that one of the partiers posted on Instagram: